How we sought for our forefather                                       (date format

7.6.2005 Release of new family tree by Mr. Frantisek Mifek from town of Hermanuv Mestec, CZ
Today we can see a first version of Frantisek’s steam of his relatives. His steam doesn’t connect to main family tree for the present, but it has good potential to do that in short time.
Now, Frantisek has to look for more documents about his grandsires…

27.5.2005 First approach to Mrs. Marie Mifek from town of Menin close to Brno, CZ

Everybody knows – the appetite grows with eating.  We tried to find another one Mifek on the internet after wonderful meeting with Mr. Frantisek Mifek. And in the several days we had success, we started a mail communication with Mrs. Marie Mifek – we are looking for our meeting.

10.5.2005 First rendezvous with Mr. Frantisek Mifek in town of Hermanuv Mestec, CZ
After four long months from our first contact we manage our meeting. The rendezvous was very interesting and friendly and now we are able to create a new segment of our family tree. 
I hoped we would find a relation between Frantisek’s and Roger’s family tree trough Frantisek’s granduncle, unfortunately he has another first name (Rudolf) and he was sailor only in the Europe in time of the 1st World War.

11.02.2005 Web change its layout

Its time to change a web layout after several years. The main reason is our contact with Mr. Roger Mifek from USA which doesn’t know Czech language.

11.01.2005 New contact to USA

We send first e-mail to Mr. Roger Mifek from Minnesota in January 2005. It seems his roots come from town of Nove Mesto, CZ close to town of Pardubice. We also approach to Mr. Frantisek Mifek after several weeks. Frantisek works for Czech radio in town of Hradec Kralové. One of his granduncles was a sailor and I hope he could be Roger’s grandfather which came to USA.V lednu 2005 se nám podařilo kontaktovat rodinu Rogera Mifka z USA.