to Mifek websites. Today, you can find here personal pages of our family, some pictures and most of all a basic family tree of several families:

  • Mifek

  • Cermak

  • Setina

  • Zeiner

  • Hlinomaz

If you are interested in detailed genealogy information about these families, please send me an e-mail to: jiri@mifek.org 

Notice: Some pages are in Czech language only.

Family Hot News

In January 2005 we spent perfect three days in Austrian Alps. The first two days were not as good, but third was unbelievable.

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Genealogy News

7.6.2005 Release of new family tree by Mr. Frantisek Mifek from town of Hermanuv Mestec, CZ
Today we can see a first version of Frantisek’s steam of his relatives. His steam doesn’t connect to main family tree for the present, but it has good potential to do that in short time.
Now, Frantisek has to look for more documents about his grandsires…

27.5.2005 First approach to Mrs. Marie Mifek from town of Menin
Everybody knows – the appetite grows by eating.  We tried to find another one Mifek on the internet after wonderful meeting with Mr. Frantisek Mifek. And in the several days we had success, we started a mail communication with Mrs. Marie Mifek – we are looking for our meeting.

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